Are we under a burn ban?

The Scurry County Commissioners Court may from time to time, enact a burn ban.  Please check with the County Judge's Office 325-573-8576 to see if a burn ban is in place.  When the County is in a drought situation, chances are very high that a burn ban is in place.  While it does not always reflect the status on any given day, this interactive map of burn ban counties that is maintained by the Texas A & M Forest Service may be helpful.  Keep in mind, counties may lift or impose a ban and the map may not reflect the latest changes.     If you have confirmed that a burn ban is NOT in effect, and you plan to burn, please consider weather conditions for the burning day and the forecast for the next two days in deciding whether or not to burn.  Please notify the Snyder FD 325-573-6215 of any burning other than trash in a barrel, so that we will not make an unnecessary response if someone else reports your fire.

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1. Are we under a burn ban?
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