Law Enforcement Center

City of Snyder Police Department
The Snyder Police Department currently consists of twenty-two total personnel and it is broken down as follows:
  • One Chief of Police
  • One Lieutenant
  • Three Sergeant Investigators
  • Three Patrol Sergeants
  • Two Corporals
  • Eight Police Officers
  • One K-9 Officer
  • Two School Resource Officers
  • One Part Time Police Officer
  • Three Clerks

The Snyder Police Department also over sees the operations of Animal Control Services and the Animal Shelter. Animal Control Services consists of two Animal Control Officers and one Shelter Employee. The Police Department and Animal Control Services are community-policing oriented and dedicated to working with the community of the City of Snyder to make it a safer place to live.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Snyder Police Department continues to be to react to calls for service from any person needing its services.

In addition to their mission, the Police Department has undertaken the responsibility of searching for problem areas and attempting to find solutions to these problems. This is typically referred to as "Proactive Policing" or "Community Policing" in law enforcement groups.