Emergency Operations Center

EOC Overview
The City of Snyder maintains the Emergency Operations Center for both City and County Emergency Management.  The facility is maintained in a state of constant readiness by the Fire Department Emergency Management staff.  The dedicated EOC is approximately 2000 square feet, below ground, and built to bomb shelter standards.  Additional adjacent offices and facilities are shared by the Fire Department for administration and daily operations.  The facility is stand-alone for initial activation, and has continuous stand-by power.
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City of Snyder Emergency Operations Center floor plan


EOC Communications

All City and County public safety and municipal radio communications are available in the EOC, as well as redundant systems in the event of primary systems failure.  Additionally, HAM radio is available, and direct radio and chat capabilities with the National Weather Service (NWS).  The EOC has dedicated Emergency Management radio frequencies and related equipment specifically for disaster and high-impact event coordination.   The facility has an internal computer network, LCD/Powerpoint, internet and mapping capabilities.  Internal operations are linked through WEBEOC, a computer based incident management software system.  WEBEOC also provides real time communications with regional and state emergency operations centers.  In the event it were necessary, 911/public safety dispatching can be accomplished from the facility.

    EOC Phone: 325-573-6215   EOC Emergency:  325-573-3546
    E-mail address only valid during EOC activation  

EOC Activation

As outlined in the City of Snyder Emergency Management Plan, specific individuals are authorized to activate or "stand-up" the EOC.  The EOC may be stood up at one of 4 levels, ranging from monitoring of an event to full activation.  Once activated, only authorized and trained personnel are allowed in the EOC for the duration of the event.  Local elected and appointed officials are responsible for the activities of the facility.  The primary duties are support of the event, such as response to a tornado.  Logistical support, event coordination, media relations, and resource management are just a few of the responsibilities of the EOC.