City of Snyder, Office of Emergency Management

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City of Snyder

Office of Emergency Management

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Preparing in advance for management of major incidents, the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is assigned to the Fire Department.  In some larger cities, the term "Office of Homeland Security" is used.   The terms are synonymous.

The Fire Chief serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator  (EMC).
A Depty EMC  works in a full time capacity to maintain a constant state of readiness.

A dedicated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) facility is maintained in the Fire Department building, ready at all times in the event of disaster.

EOC Phone:  325-573-6215

EOC Emergency:  325-573-3546


An Emergency Management Plan (EMP) is constantly maintained to deal with disasters and major incidents.  This plan is a guide and resource document for disaster management.

Mitigation, a process for limiting or eliminating problems before the disaster is a large part of the Emergency Management process.

Warning the public of impending danger is also a responsibility of the DEM.  A weather spotting and early warning system, SKYWARN, is staffed by trained weather observers who work in direct communication with the National Weather Service (NWS)