Code Enforcement

The primary goal of Code Enforcement is to improve, maintain, and develop the quality of life in the City of Snyder through education and enforcement of the City's ordinances. These ordinances and minimum standards are contained in the Snyder Code of Ordinances. If you have any questions about this information, you may contact the Code Enforcement Department at (325) 573-4959.

A citizen can report issues by:

  • Calling the Code Enforcement main number at 325-573-4959
  • Emailing the Code Enforcement Department: Kelly Hartman ( )

When reporting a code issue, please provide a specific address with as much detail as possible regarding the issue(s) in question. This will allow the Code Enforcement Officer to identify the correct property quickly and begin an investigation. The initial effort will be to gain voluntary compliance. If voluntary compliance is not reached, the Code Enforcement Officer will issue a written complaint to Municipal Court.

Some violations can take a significant amount of time to address due to local and state laws. The compliance time for a tall weeds and/or grass violation can take up to thirty (30) days and a junked vehicle on private property can take upwards of forty-five (45) days. 

All enforcement actions are placed in a tracking system to ensure proper follow-up and compliance. All records related to an investigation, citation, or summons are filed according to date as well as a case number generated by the tracking system. These records are kept for the required amount of time as outlined by state law. 

Reporting a violation is anonymous.