Narcotics and Therapy Canine Units

The assignment for Canine Units are highly competitive. Officers must be able to and have the means to provide 
and care for their canine and ensure their health and safety at all times. Officers must have previous experience in law enforcement and is based on job performance, drive, and ability to conduct their duties without much supervision. 
Canine officers have specialized training before, during, and after assignment. Once assigned canine officers continually train with their canine counterparts to ensure they can provide the best possible services the community needs.

       Narcotics and Tracking K-9 
Lucas                           Asko
Snyder Police Department’s Narcotics and Tracking K-9, “Asko”, is a German Shepard.

  Narcotics K-9 Duties:
  • To detect illegal narcotics such as heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA and other narcotics.
  • Search vehicles, homes, yards, schools, and businesses for the presence of illegal drugs.
  • To assist in making our community safer by seizing illegal narcotics from our local area.

Asko's Story

Asko became an official member of the Snyder Police Department in April 2021.

Asko is a "dual-certified" canine who searches for narcotics as well as is trained in the ability to track persons. Asko also can conduct area searched for narcotics and other articles as well.

The Narcotics K-9 Unit has the ability to set different scheduling hours as needed to effectively maintain an unpredictable and undisclosed schedule to the public. The Narcotics K-9 Unit is also available for call outs to assist the Snyder Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Scurry County Sheriff's Department when assistance is needed for a reasonable suspicion open air sniff or to search areas of probable cause.

Therapy K-9 

Snyder Police Department’s first Therapy K-9, “Lexi”, is a Border Collie Mix.

  Therapy K-9 Duties:
  • To assist in being a liaison to help build positive relationships between police and the community.
  • Provide comfort for crime victims and trauma victims.
  • Assist in helping individuals with emotional disabilities such as Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar/Mood disorders, Panic Attacks, Stress, PTSD, etc. by offering comfort or emotional support.
  • To improve morale of citizens and employees within the City of Snyder and surrounding areas.
The Therapy K-9 Unit is utilized, but not limited to, nursing homes, hospitals, public schools, universities, daycare facilities, rehabilitation facilities, hospices, social service organizations, volunteer organizations, community events, local businesses, domestic violence victim shelters and volunteer organizations which allow Therapy K-9 interactions.

Therapy K-9 Teams are allowed to be utilized with or without student interaction in all Snyder Independent School District (SISD) schools and buildings during the school year, due to a partnership with SISD.

Our Therapy K-9 Team is available for supervisor dispatch to any secure scene where a natural/manmade disaster, accident, trauma, illness or crime has occurred to provide comfort and/or emotional support for all those involved.

Lexi's Story

Lexi was located in a busy area of Snyder, with no owners stepping forward to claim her.
With the help of community members, she was turned over to the Snyder Animal Shelter where she
 was safe from the dangers of being injured on the roadways. After spending quite a few weeks
in the Snyder Animal Shelter she was rescued and fostered by our local Second Chance Dog Rescue
in Snyder, Texas.

Once the Snyder Police Department began looking for a canine fit for
our new Therapy K-9 program we were informed about Lexi. Upon completing a temperament evaluation
with our South Plains Service Dogs trainer out of Lubbock, Texas we knew Lexi would be our fit.

When attempting to finalize her adoption, Second Chance Dog Rescue generously donated
Lexi to the City of Snyder, cost free. Lexi was adopted by the City of Snyder and
became an official part of our department on January 4, 2019.

Lexi has since completed her Therapy K-9 training with South Plains Service Dogs.
Lexi passed her Public Access Test (PAT) on, September 18, 2019, certifying her as a Therapy Dog. 

Lexi has been utilized to assist officers and staff suffering from PTSD, after a local officer 
involved shooting in February 2019.

Lexi and her current handler, Officer Bailey Latham, were one of three therapy dog teams
deployed to Odessa, Texas after the Odessa/Midland mass shootings
which occurred on August 31, 2019.

IMG_0143         IMG_0155


LucasNarcotics K-9 "Lucas"

Snyder Police Department’s Narcotics K-9, “Lucas”, is a Belgian Malinois.

Lucas's Story

Lucas was previously utilized in Muleshoe, Texas as a narcotics K-9 prior to being purchased by the City of Snyder, to implement a Narcotics K-9 Unit for the first time since the mid 90s.

Lucas became an official member of the Snyder Police Department on March 3, 2016 .

Lucas retired after approximately 5  years of service with the Snyder Police Department.