Narcotics Canine Unit

The assignment for Canine Units are highly competitive. Officers must be able to and have the means to provide 
and care for their canine and ensure their health and safety at all times. Officers must have previous experience in law enforcement and is based on job performance, drive, and ability to conduct their duties without much supervision. 
Canine officers have specialized training before, during, and after assignment. Once assigned canine officers continually train with their canine counterparts to ensure they can provide the best possible services the community needs.

 K9 Asko


Snyder Police Department’s Narcotics and Tracking K-9, “Asko”, is a German Shepard.

Narcotics K-9 Duties:

  • To detect illegal narcotics such as heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA and other narcotics.
  • Search vehicles, homes, yards, schools, and businesses for the presence of illegal drugs.
  • To assist in making our community safer by seizing illegal narcotics from our local area.

About Asko

Asko became an official member of the Snyder Police Department in April 2021.
Asko is a "dual-certified" canine who searches for narcotics as well as is trained in the ability to track persons. Asko also can conduct area searched for narcotics and other articles as well.
The Narcotics K-9 Unit has the ability to set different scheduling hours as needed to effectively maintain an unpredictable and undisclosed schedule to the public. The Narcotics K-9 Unit is also available for call outs to assist the Snyder Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Scurry County Sheriff's Department when assistance is needed for a reasonable suspicion open air sniff or to search areas of probable cause.


LucasNarcotics K-9 "Lucas"

Snyder Police Department’s Narcotics K-9, “Lucas”, is a Belgian Malinois.

About Lucas

Lucas was previously utilized in Muleshoe, Texas as a narcotics K-9 prior to being purchased by the City of Snyder, to implement a Narcotics K-9 Unit for the first time since the mid 90s.

Lucas became an official member of the Snyder Police Department on March 3, 2016 .

Lucas retired after approximately 5  years of service with the Snyder Police Department.