"Be strong when you are weak. Be brave when you are scared. Be humble when you are victorious."          - Michelle Moschetti

Sgt. J. Wilson patrolling night shift.

​Patrol Officer Job Description


The Snyder Police Department Patrol Unit consists of 3 Patrol Sargents, 12 Patrol Officers, 1 Narcotics K-9 Unit, and 1 rotating CID position for patrol officers, when fully staffed.

Snyder Police Department patrol officers are responsible for protection of life and property, prevention of crimes, apprehension of criminals and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances. Duties normally consist of routine patrol, preliminary investigation, and traffic regulation. To provide a safe environment for citizens and visitors and to answer calls for service ranging from friendly assists to highly stressful and dangerous incidents.

Patrol Officers responsibilities are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Preventative patrol aimed towards the reduction of crimes and accidents.
  • Activities intended to help prevent the commission of crimes.
  • Response to calls for service from the community.
  • Preliminary investigation of crimes, incident, or other conditions that may include arrests of offenders.
  • Maintenance of public order.
  • Response to emergencies on demand.
  • Development of positive relationships between citizens and the Department.
  • Traffic direction and control as required.
  • View heinous crime scenes and accidents, and identify/preserve physical evidence of a crime.
  • Reporting information to other Divisions within the Department.
  • Enforcement of a wide variety of state and federal laws, as well as city ordinances.
  • Service arrest and/or search warrants.
  • Ability to render First Aid.
  • Arrest, Transport, or Search subjects.
  • Complete paperwork and documentation in a timely manner.
  • Clean and fire a variety of police weapons, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns both in the field and to meet department and State standards of proficiency.
  • Ability to conduct field investigations, as well as DWI detection and apprehension
  • Utilize department equipment issued and permitted personal equipment for duty carry as well as within the patrol unit.
  • Be able to efficiently respond to locations within the City of Snyder by knowing Geography of the City.
  • Any other duty assignments.
Patrol officers will be required to maintain TCOLE training hours and attend State Mandated courses. Patrol officers will be additionally encouraged to seek advanced training as well as to complete requirements to obtain TCOLE Peace Officer Certifications.

Patrol Officers typically work during holidays and other important events. Also they area assigned to specific shifts by Patrol Supervisors and may be moved or transferred to fit the needs of the department as determined by the Patrol Supervisors.

Ofc. M. Rojas, Ofc. T. Kelley, and Ofc. R. Webb during an Active Shooter training.

Ofc. S. Roach during a Felony traffic stop after a pursuit.

​Bike Patrol 

The Bike Patrol Unit is comprised of a variety of Snyder Police Officers who wish to become a part of the
specialized unit, to assist in enforcement and connect with the community on specific events and on authorized days.

Bike patrol officers are required to conduct the majority of the same duties as a street patrol officer, the only difference is the method of transportation. Our bike patrol unit is utilized for patrol enhancement, community outings and special events within the city, which a lighter means of transport is vital.

Our Bike Patrol Unit traverse congested roads, pursue fleeing suspects through a variety of environments, and quietly monitor or follow suspects. Bike patrol officers arrest and detain criminals until a transport patrol unit is able to respond.  All bike patrol officers are required to take a specific training on patrol bicycle operations to ensure their ability to safely and efficiently maneuver their patrol bikes on a variety of terrain as well as operate the emergency equipment installed on the bikes. 

The Bike Patrol Unit is very versatile, providing greater visibility and accessibility in crowded areas or events to respond more efficiently as well as to allow a stealthy option of enforcement when attempting to catch criminals in the act. Bike Patrol officers often to work at night as well to assist in deterring burglaries in high crime areas on special enforcement occasions.

Left to Right: Ofc. M. Tipton, Sgt. J. Wilson, Ofc. N. Rackley, Sgt. M. Rojas

Ofc. J. Giittinger