Job Description

Incumbents hold entry-level responsibility for the conduct of routine patrols, preliminary investigations and traffic control duties in designated area on an assigned shift. Work involves responsibility for the protection of life and property; for the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes; and for maintaining law and order. Work involves an element of personal danger and generally is performed in uniform. Specific assignments are received from superior officers and are carried out in accordance with established rules and procedures. Incumbents receive technical assistance and advice in difficult or unusual cases but are expected to show independent judgment within established guidelines. Work is reviewed through personal inspections, on the basis of results obtained and through written reports. Tasks performed include: (1) patrols a designated area of the City in a patrol car to prevent and discover the commission of crime and to enforce traffic regulations; (2) answers calls and complaints involving misdemeanors and felonies; (3) administers first aid; (4) serves warrants; (5) answers questions for the public; (6) conducts preliminary investigations at the scenes of crime and serious accidents; gathers evidence; (7) locates and interviews witnesses; (8) makes arrests and interrogate prisoners; (9) direct traffic as needed; (10) maintain order in crowds, at parades and other public meetings; (11) performs desk officer duties such as handling phone calls and visitors; receives and sends information on police radio and teletype; (12) appear in court to provide testimony and present evidence; (13) serve as lead officer and trains newer officers; (14) prepare and maintain necessary records and reports; (15) participate in training to advance knowledge and skills in law enforcement related activities; (16) perform other related duties as assigned.