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If your taking the first step towards starting a career with our agency, your in the right place. 

Read through our website to learn more about the hiring process and what it takes to become a Snyder Police Officer. If you have any questions, our recruiting team will be happy to answer them. We look forward to starting you on the path to a very rewarding career.

Chief Haggard

Chief Haggard has been employed with the Snyder Police Department for over 30 years. He began his career as a Patrol Officer and worked his way through the ranks until becoming the Chief of Police in October 2018. Chief Haggard has gained the respect of Snyder officers and other law-enforcement agencies in the area and has pledged to continue close association with all entities.

"New officers in Snyder can experience a lot of training. We provide newer cars and new equipment. I have a lot of confidence in the officers who work here. We currently have an extremely young department, but the confidence I have in them is 100 %. They work hard and work good together. I think is a good department to start with and a great place to work." 

- Chief Haggard


A Great Place to Call Home

Snyder is a small town nestled deep in the heart of the big county. Our town makes you feel warm and at home which is the reason people move here everyday for great jobs. Making Snyder Police Department one of the many great places to work. 

Our department is made up of a great team of police officers from all over west Texas. Our goal is to create a safe city for Snyder Citizens to live in and a great city for visitors to come to. As a Snyder police officer you'll work with a group of men and women that will treat you like family. 


When you work for our department you'll learn that community policing is our top priority. We are committed to serve the citizens of Snyder at the highest level of professionalism. Our mission to create a a safer Snyder is accomplished by giving officers the opportunity to connect with the community in a variety of ways. One such opportunity is our Bicycle Patrol Unit.



At Snyder Police department you'll receive pay and benefits that rival most of west Texas. Our department strives to create opportunities that allow for advancement. Our department has several specialized units and promotions range from Field Training Officer to Sergeant. When considering getting promoted officers have the ability to participate in a one of a kind leadership mentoring program. With as many opportunities for growth its hard to imagine working anywhere else.