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Pay & Benefits

The Snyder Police Department offers a competitive pay structure. Our officers are currently some of the highest paid in west Texas. The city offers a great retirement system and offer a variety of other benefits as outlined on this page. Read through our list of benefits below and see why we're one of the best agencies in the state to work for. 

Patrol Officer Pay*

Police Academy Cadet$4,099 Monthly
Police Trainee$50,712 Yearly/ $4,226 Monthly/ $24.38 Hourly
Police Officer (w/ Experience)  $52,236 Yearly/ $4,353 Monthly/ $25.11 Hourly
Police Officer Performance-Based Pay Raise (At 6 Months)$53,808 Yearly/ $4,484 Monthly/ $25.87 Hourly
Police Officer Base Pay (After Probationary Period)$55,428 Yearly/ $4,619 /Monthly/ $26.65 Hourly

*Updated 10/2022; Accurate Thru 10/2023


Sign-on Bonus: $5,000.00*
New Hire Equipment Allowance: $1,200.00**

*Payable in 3 increments beginning with first paycheck in the amount of $2,500, $1,250 at 6 months, and $1,250 at one year.
**Payable in lump-sum upon first paycheck.

Incentive Pay

Certificate Pay $60-$100/ Month depending on TCOLE Certificate Level
Uniform Allowance $13.85 Bi-Weekly
Longevity Pay $5.00 per month for each year of service
City Provided Smart Phone


The City of Snyder is proud to offer a competitive retirement plan through Texas Municipal Retirement System. The contribution ratio is 2:1 with the employee contributing 7% of salary. The city updates service credit on an annual basis. More information about retirement with TMRS can be found on their website by clicking here

Benefits Overview

  • Vacation- Police Officers enjoy 10 days of paid vacation a year beginning after your first anniversary. Additionally, after 10 years of employment you'll receive 15 days, and 20 days for every year after your 21st year. 
  • Sick Days- Officers earn 1 sick day per month. Any unused sick days at the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30) are moved to the employee’s sick bank. An officer who has not used any of the twelve sick days during a fiscal year will earn 3 Bonus Vacation days. Officers may accumulate up to 180 days in their sick bank for use during long term illness or incapacity.
  • Holidays- Officers are provided with 15 paid holidays during the year as listed above. New officers start earning holidays during the first year. 
    New Years DayLabor day
    Martin Luther King DayColumbus Day
    Presidents DayVeterans Day
    Texas Independence DayThanksgiving day
    Good FridayFriday after Thanksgiving
    Memorial DayChristmas Eve
    Independence DayChristmas Day

    Floating Holiday

Other Benefits of being a Snyder Officer

In addition to receiving one of the most competitive benefit packages in west Texas, our Officers enjoy some of the things you may be looking for in a department. Those benefits include:

  • Take Home Car Program- Our officers are equipped with 2016 or newer Chevrolet Tahoe's & Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicles. Our department keeps these vehicles up to date and replaces cars each year when the budget allows. When you work for our department, you can be rest assured you'll be driving a nice vehicle that you can be proud of. Officers are assigned a vehicle during the FTO program and allowed to take the vehicle home after completing field training. Officers are allowed to use their assigned unit freely while off-duty within our county. 
  • County Residency- Most departments require their officers to reside within city limits, our department allows you to live anywhere in the beautiful county of Scurry. Officers can choose between living in Snyder, Hermleigh, or Ira Texas with each of the three having their own school districts. 
  • City Issued Cell Phones- No body likes having to take work related phone calls on a personal cell phone, that's why our department issues each officer with an up to date iPhone to handle department business on.
  • Updated Uniforms- Department officers are now issued comfortable performance utility uniforms with modern poly cotton rip stop material. These uniforms keep our officers cool and comfortable allowing them to function at their very best. Officers are given personal discretion in rather they wear long sleeves or short sleeves. 
  • Outer Vest Carriers- In keeping with recent trends in Law Enforcement our department now includes a tactical police outer vest carrier as part of your daily uniform. Officers are allowed to choose between wearing concealable armor or the outer carrier, and are permitted to organize the outer carrier as they see fit. 
  • Payroll Deduction Program for Equipment & Weapons- Officers are free to choose their own duty weapon & duty gear; and enjoy the ability to participate in a Payroll Deduction Program which allows you to purchase department weapons and equipment by making payments through your paycheck.
  • Patrol Rifles- Modern policing demands that officers have access to vital equipment such as patrol rifles. Our department permits officers to qualify and carry personally owned rifles after inspection and approval or be issued a city-owned Smith & Wesson M&P 15.
  • Issued Ballistic Helmets
  • Issued Tasers
  • Newly Updated Body Cameras
  • Newly Updated Radios
  • Relaxed Tattoo Policy
  • Mobile CAD in-car system
  • Portable Handheld Digital Citation Writers