Key Box System

The Snyder Fire Department has been using the KNOX BOX key box system for years.  KNOX is the leader in fire department access systems.

NEW !  KNOX HOME BOX PRODUCTS is a new addition to the KNOX BOX family.  Now, individual homeowners can have the same piece of mind as business owners.  The Fire Department has access to the premises in the event of an emergency.  The Fire Department might need access to rescue occupants inside of a residence, or to enter a residence in the absence of the home owner.

There is a fear of placing a key in a lock box.  KNOX has been in use for several years.  Their key boxes are constructed in such a way that a thief would easily enter your residence by several other methods before they could open the key box and retrieve the key.  Firefighters only have access to the keys during an emergency, and all master keys are electronically controlled.  The system is proven safe and effective, and as we said, the KNOX system has been in operation for several years in Snyder, with no problems what-so-ever.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Knox Home Box Video

If you are a business owner, and interested in the KNOX program, please call the Snyder Fire Department.

If you are a home owner, and interested in the new KNOX HOME BOX system, follow this link, and if you have questions, call the Snyder Fire Department @ 325-573-6215.

The KNOX system could save your life, prevent property damage from forcible entry, or save the FD precious minutes that might just save your property.