Fire Department Administration

Office of the Fire Chief

The Fire Chief is the head of the Snyder Fire Department and is appointed by the City Manager.  The Chief is the top fire official, and oversees all aspects of the Fire Department, as well as the Fire Marshal's Office, and the Office of Emergency Management.

The Snyder Fire Chief is Perry Westmoreland

Date of Service:  6/10/1982
Captain Appointment: 8/12/1989
Interim Chief Appointment April 1998
Chief Appointment: 10/1/1998
Administrative Fire Marshal Appointment:  10/1/1998
Deputy EMC Appointment: 10/1/1998
Emergency Management Coordinator Appointment: 10/2/2007

Fire Chief Contact Information

Perry Westmoreland, Fire Chief            Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Snyder Fire Department                            Phone:  325-573-6215
1911 27th Street                                            FAX:  325-573-4040
Snyder, Tx.  79549