Apparatus Photos

Multi-Purpose Fire Apparatus
Some fire apparatus serve multiple purposes.  Most of these can pump water and move at the same time.  These have medium volume pumps in the 300-500 gallon range in most instances.  They carry supply hose appropriate to the pump capacity.  Some have very specialized systems, such as Compressed Air Foam delivery systems.  In the Snyder Fire Department operation, these trucks are used for vehicle fires, cotton fires, hay fires, trash, grass, brush, petroleum, and a multitude of different types of fires, including structure fires outside the fire hydrant area.

Specialty Fire Apparatus
Fire Departments have various vehicles that do not carry water or have fire pumps.  These include administrative vehicles, command vehicles, mobile command posts, vehicles that carry investigation equipment and in some cases rescue equipment.

Structure Fire Apparatus
Structure Fire Apparatus, specially built and designed to be used only in areas served by fire hydrants or with a considerable water supply.  These apparatus can not move and pump water at the same time.  They have high volume pumps, normally 1000 gpm or larger, and carry large diameter fire hose.  The average life of a structure fire apparatus is 27-30 years.

Wildland Fire Apparatus
The most strenuous duty any fire apparatus can undergo is brush fire fighting.  For that reason, many departments build or have apparatus built, specifically designed for this rugged abuse.  4 wheel drive vehicles are most often needed, and these vehicles must be able to pump water and move at the same time.  Most wildland apparatus have stand-alone fire pumps that are not dependent upon the vehicle's engine for pumping water.  Large volumes of water are often needed in wildland fires, and transporting and shuttling large volumes is often needed and accomplished by tanker trucks or "water tenders".