Response to Fires

Responding to the call
Full time career firefighters staff the central station 24 hours a day.   Once dispatched, on-duty personnel respond appropriately with the initial 1st alarm apparatus under standing guidelines.  Additional apparatus may be requested upon receipt of additional information.  Off duty personnel report to the station immediately when fires are reported to provide additional support, and to stand-by in the event of additional fires.

Volunteer Firefighters respond directly to the fire scene in their personal vehicles.  Each firefighter is supplied the proper protective clothing and equipment necessary for the job.

Both the 911 anwering point and the Fire Department are able to dispatch fire calls.  The fire station will assume radio communication duties for the remainder of the incident in most instances.

All fire personnel are alerted rapidly by a one-call pager system.  All apparatus and most individual fire personnel have two way radio communications for coordination of response and on-scene activities.

Supervisory personnel are dispatched to all calls, and will initiate an Incident Command System when appropriate.