History and Organization
The Snyder Fire Department (SFD) was organized in 1911 as a combination department, utilizing both full time career firefighters employed by the City of Snyder, and qualified volunteer fire personnel in the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD).

Both departments work in harmony as one department to provide fire protection for Snyder and Scurry County.

One Fire Chief, Perry Westmoreland heads both departments. Officers include Captains Sterling Williams (volunteer) Steve Whittenburg (volunteer) and Terry Sowell (volunteer). Lieutenants include Ben Poe (paid) Tyson Turner (paid) Jeff Proctor (paid), Gary Colvin (volunteer) Jason Gruben (volunteer) and Cody Lomax (volunteer). Head Chaplain is Nathan Hines (paid).

Numerous members are certified training instructors.

Currently the municipal department consists of 11 full time career firefighters. The volunteer staff is comprised of approximately 25 personnel, with introductory, basic, intermediate, and advanced certified firefighters. Paid personnel are certified through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, and volunteers participate in the State Firemen's and Fire Marshals' Association certification program.