Development Corporation of Snyder

Our Assets
  • The community has a three hundred acre fully developed industrial park. There is ample electricity, natural gas, and water and sewer capacity. We can provide a greenfield site.
  • The industrial park is located between Interstate 20 and Interstate 40 on 4-lane north-south US Hwy 84. We are just twenty miles north of Interstate 20.
  • The community developed a training center with distance learning, video conferencing and computer training capability at our community college, Western Texas College. Training funds are available.
  • The county has a labor pool of around 7,000. According to our manufacturing employers, employees can be found who are trainable, have a good work ethic, and who show initiative in solving problems.
  • This industrial park is in an Enterprise Zone which qualifies employers for state tax credits for capital investment and job creation. There is no state income tax in Texas.
  • The community offers local real estate tax abatements.
  • The local development corporation offers various incentives to help your project become profitable as quickly as possible. The corporation acts as your advocate in the community and maintains that relationship. We will pay a cash job creation incentive in most cases.

Visit us at the Development Corporation of Snyder, Inc.