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Specialty Apparatus
Ford F450 HD 4x4, This vehicle carries the primary first response rescue equipment, including the hydraulic spreader, cutters, and rams for vehicle extrication, our rescue struts system, our air bag lifting system, and considerable cribbing.  It has power saws, air tools, hand tools, traffic control devices and much more.  It carries initial high angle rescue equipment, to be supplemented by our high angle rescue trailer.  Additionally, the truck has a 250gpm fire pump with 300 gallons of water and two pre-connected attack hoses.    
Heavy Duty Pickup, Assigned to the Fire Chief.  Vehicle serves as initial Incident Command Post,  carries initial traffic control, high angle rescue, and medical equipment.  This vehicle incorporates a 12,500# winch for rescue operations, three P25/interoperable radios for command operations, and numerous specialized pieces of fire and rescue equipment.  

 DSC_0281.JPG Car-2, FIRE MARSHAL-INVESTIGATION-CODE ENFORCEMENT, F150 Pickup, utilized by the Fire Marshal.  This vehicle is the daily administration vehicle for the Fire Marshal for code enforcement and inspections, and also has fire investigation equipment and other fire fighting related equipment. 
 image5.JPG  Car-3, FIRE MARSHAL-INVESTIGATION-CODE ENFORCEMENT, F150 Chevrolet Suburban utilized by the fire marshal's office and the Deputy EMC for daily duties.  This vehicle has a two person work station (as seen below on the right).  It can serve in a multitude of incident management scenarios. 
 New Picture (15)_thumb_thumb.png  Car-4, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, Chevrolet SUV, is used by the office of Emergency Management for storm spotting, is used by the auxiliary for transporting food and drinks to major incidents for rehab, and is used by the department for daily errands.  It also doubles as an additional support vehicle capable of running incident command in the event of multiple incidents.
The Snyder FD has a state of the art mobile incident command post, utilized on large scale incidents.  This unit has stand-alone AC and DC power, incorporates 4  interoperable radios in three radio operator work stations, two Incident Command work stations, and by using the cab, can accomondate an additional radio operator station.  Radio patching capabilities, mobile radio repeater, a microwave, refrigerator, fax machine, color printer, and PC's with internet and mapping software are a few of the major features.  ICS and WEBEOC software is also available for personnel accountability and incident management.
Work stations have 4 VHF interoperable P25 Digital/Analog radios.  450 mHz, 800 mHz, and Ham Radio are also available.  Non-parishable food is stored onboard, as well as other supplies to support an extended deployment.  Walls have dry erase board.  Two work stations are PC equipped.   Access to food and drinks for field personnel are available from the outside without interruption to the command staff.
The trailer pictured carries High Angle rescue equipment, appropriate for wind turbine and other high angle rescues.  Considerable hardware, harnesses, ropes, etc., are carried in this trailer, along with some Hazardous Materials response equipment.

A second trailer is outfitted for confined space rescue.  While some of the equipment is the same, confined space rescue requires other special equipment, including Self Contained Breathing Air and ventilation equipment.

Both rescue trailers are outfitted for a regional response, as the Snyder Fire Dept is trained and equipped in technical rescue and offers our services to some smaller area departments that do not have sufficient resources. 

1925 24th st | Snyder, TX 79549
Ph: (325) 573-4957 | Fx: (325) 573-7505
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